Application to become a B Shareholder

The Company develops eService to facilitate airlines who wants to apply to be our shareholder. Airlines must attach their application documents and upload them to the system so that the Company can promptly review the qualifications and also check for its correctness. You have to send original document to our office afterwards for proceed with further steps. The consideration process will start after we received the original document.

You can follow up the application progress and its result by logging in the eService system.

Airlines wishing to become a B shareholder or member-airline of Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Limited have to comply with the following:

1. Qualifications

1.1 Airlines must be legally permitted to operate regularly scheduled services into and/or domestic services in Thailand as shown in their published timetables and the operations have been carried out for at least 3 consecutive months.

1.2 Airlines must not have any overdue debts during the period mentioned in Item 1.1

1.3 Airlines must have a branch office or recognized agent in Thailand and have a bank account with the bank that has branch office in Thailand.

2. Documents Required

2.1 Application Letter 
An application letter expressing the wish to become a B-shareholder must be submitted with the following details:

  • regular route
  • number of flights per week
  • starting date of flight operations
  • office address for sending correspondence and invoices, name of contact person and telephone number

2.2 A letter of permission to operate the flights from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT)

2.3 Flight schedule as published in the timetable

2.4 Copy of a certificate of the airline company's registration and translate into Thai

2.5 A Power of Attorney (authorizing the person to act on behalf of the airline) with a copy of passport or I.D. card

2.6 Documentation express the existing of branch office/agency in Thailand as follows:

  • In case of having branch office
    • copy of a certificate of registration of the airlines’ branch in Thailand
  • In case of appointment of agency
    • letter to appoint juristic person as an agency to act on behalf of the airlines including bills payment and co-sign by two parties
    • copy of a certificate of registration of the agency in Thailand

3. Contact Address

The application letter and all certified/notarized documents are to be sent to: 
The President 
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Ltd. 
102 Soi Ngamduplee, Tung Mahamek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

4. Application Approval Procedures

4.1 Log in to the eService system and register, after registered click "Apply Shareholder", and attach application documents.

4.2 Airlines must submit original documents to the Company.

4.3 The Company will consider the application as well as supporting documents as mentioned in Items 1 and 2.

4.4 If the qualifications meet all setting criteria, the matter will be submitted to the Executive Committee for approval. Normally, the Executive Committee will hold a meeting once a month.

4.5 When the application is approved, airlines will be notified of the deposit of shares required and performance security amount. After airlines submitting both deposit of shares and performance security, the B Shareholder Agreement will be sent for execution.

If the qualifications meet all setting criteria, the effective date will be on the first day of next month after the application is approved by the Executive Committee .

5. Deposit of Shares

A deposit sum will be collected if the application is approved by the Executive Committee. The deposit is calculated from the number of flights operated per week and based on the number of shares held by other airlines operating the same number of flights during the previous year. The B-Shares shall be reallocated among member airlines not exceeding the first day of August of each year. If the deposit exceeds the number of shares then a refund will be made to airlines but if the deposit is less than the number of shares, the difference will be collected from airlines.

6. Bank Guarantee

Member airlines must submit the performance security in cash or in the form of a letter of guarantee issued by a commercial bank in Thailand to ensure for its debt settlement. The guarantee amount will be calculated from three months income from Air Navigation Services base on airlines’ flight schedule. The guarantee amount and deposit of shares must be paid prior to the execution of B Shareholder Agreement.

7. Benefit and Conditions

7.1 The Rate of Air Navigation Services Charges

  • Member airlines will benefit from a rate of air navigation services charges at one third of the rate of non-member airlines.

7.2 Financial Responsibility

  • Member airlines must be responsible for Company’s financial participation that may be called for by the Company’s Board of Directors from all shareholders of the Company, the said participation and conditions thereof to be determined in all respects as if the airlines are a member of the Company.

Sample of B-Shareholder Agreement (Click)